It All Starts With A Vision


Why Invest at Onikami Capital ?


Our highly experienced institutional quality traders have a vast experience trading in European/US markets, Commodities and Foreign Exchange Markets.


Our excellent track record is incomparable to many other institutional traders. We focus on balanced and consistent gains. Onikami Capital goal is outperform the majority of hedge funds.


We believe strong foundations are vital in building the trust of our clients. This can be achieved by starting from the bottom and consistently grow together through partnerships.


We charge based solely on the performance of your investment making new watermark highs each and every month and we have no management and entry/exit fees.


Your funds rest in highly reputable and secure counterparty banks and clearing houses.


Low barriers, and low minimums that everyone can afford.


No branch visits needed (unless desired). We exist fully online.


Real time and transparent reporting combined with 3rd party audit and verification software.

The Relentless Pursuit of Opportunity

The Relentless Pursuit of Opportunity


One of the best kept secrets known in private investment circles is that the Global Currency Markets are extremely unique, in that they are one of the few asset classes that have never experienced an across-the-board bear market, or even a boom or bust cycle like real-estate markets.

Those investing in the currency markets can get as close as possible to feasible “crash-proof” investing as one can get. This makes currencies (Forex) an excellent asset class for a diversified strategy. Because of this, it is no surprise that managed forex investing has increased dramatically in popularity over the past 10 years as investors search for alternatives to traditional markets. It is more common now to see these types of investments used in typical portfolio management strategies.

At Onikami Capital we are guided by core values of championing honesty, rewarding excellence, continuously learning, solving problems together, and earning the win. We succeed by approaching each day like it’s the first.

We believe strong foundations are vital in building the trust of our clients. This can be achieved by starting from the bottom and consistently grow together through partnerships.

Our vastly experienced institutional quality traders capitalize on inefficiencies in the global currency market (Forex) to frequently capture profitable opportunities. Over time the accumulation of all this trades transacted results in our ability to outperform most other investment vehicles. We have the potential to generate superior risk-adjusted returns, shortening the investment commitment window significantly for investors vs. traditional investments.

Having said that, when you invest with Onikami Capital you can be assured that the stability of your investment is one of our primary concerns. We operate under Complete Transparency and Highly Experienced Institutional Quality Traders.

We believe it’s time for investors to have more options, so that they can break old habits, and spend less of now worrying about later.

Need help? Contact us at any time for free on-demand help, or assistance in building a customized and fully diversified Managed Forex Portfolio.

Everything you need to know from conception to success.

Everything you need to know from conception to success.


In the world we live today, nearly everything has become easier. Here at Onikami Capital we believe it is about time that alternative investing should follow suit.

Decide How Much You Want To Invest

You can start out with a lump sum, or top up your investment as frequently as you like. There are no lock-in periods or early exit fees and you can take your money out whenever you like. Get started with as little as 10.000 (EUR, GBP, USD and AUD) for Boutique Forex Managed Account or 500 (EUR, GBP and USD ) for Darwinex.

Open Your Own Investment Account

Your name. Safe. Private. Secure. Open a fully Segregated Managed Investment Account with our fully regulated brokers. Quick online digital applications with same day approval, and multiple funding options to get you started instantly. Keep your investment account in EUR, USD, GBP, AUD denominations (no need for costly conversions outside of your home currency).

* For Boutique Forex Managed Account you need to sign an LPOA (Limited Power of Attorney) granting fund manager “trade only” access on your accounts, which can be revoked at any time ! Customize your preferred risk tolerance, and protect your downside for each with a hard equity stop loss.

Our Pricing Model

Simply put, we never want to profit from unearned fees, or confusion.  No asterisks or small print here.

We charge one simple all-inclusive fee for everything. We believe that fees should be earned and that the interests of managers should always be aligned with those of their clients.

Our fund is designed with the best interests of our investors in mind. You won’t find any high volume systems that exist primarily to churn out commissions for the broker and traders; our full team has bought in wholeheartedly to our “client-centric” approach.

We only make money, when you make money. The fee we charge is called a High Water Mark “Incentive Fee”, often referred to as a High Water Mark “Performance Fee”. We have two types of accounts to chose from: Boutique Forex Managed Account and Darwinex both with a unique fee of 20%.

The only other fees incurred, are ones levied by 3rd parties for deposits/withdrawals (i.e., Visa/Master card charges, bank wire fees from your bank, Union Pay etc…), and any spread and/or transactional fees charged by our executing brokers, which is standard practice at virtually all Brokers.

Go Live Your Life!

We got it covered from here! Our core trading strategies are purposely designed to let you sleep easy and go about your life. Your funds are being managed by industry’s top talent traders with downside risk that is clearly defined and systematically limited. Furthermore, your capital is always safe and secure and held in trust / custodianship with highly reputable counter-parties.

The rest of the investment process can quite literally function on full auto-pilot . You can relax and put the real power of compound interest to work throughout the investment journey now. Our revolutionary risk management software removes the emotional element from the investment process, and does all of the heavy lifting.

Need help? Contact us at any time for free on-demand help, or assistance in building a customized and fully diversified Managed Forex Portfolio.

Diverse Strategies for a Range of Market Opportunities

Diverse Strategies for a Range of Market Opportunities


FACT: People hate losing money, more than they enjoy making money.

This is called loss aversion or Prospect Theory (psychologist Dr. Daniel Kahneman won a Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics for his work on this subject). The theory boils down to a single basic concept:

The perceived pain derived from a loss, hurts significantly more than the perceived pleasure derived from an equivalent gain.

So putting it in relevant context, earning € 1000 doesn’t create nearly as much joy as the pain created by losing € 1000. For most, this emotion is just natural human nature and interestingly enough is even evident in other species.

It’s ironic but because of this emotional imbalance, investors are more inclined to avoid risk in a “gain scenario”, while in a “loss scenario” we are more inclined to seek it out. This amplified pain as a result of losing money significantly influences investors and INHIBITS the ability to make reasonable investment decisions or commit to investment plans. This is perhaps one of the most important factors to understand when designing an investment strategy for investors.

The Fundamentals of Our Strategy

Research and trading results demonstrate the existence of persistent serial correlation, or trends, in markets. Trends are a manifestation of crowd behaviour, with different categories of investors causing trends over different timescales. Since trends occur unpredictably, Onikami´s approach is to apply a range of strategies over multiple timeframes which are able to respond to trends quickly when and wherever they develop.

Onikami Capital utilizes a proprietary and dynamic trading strategy involving the most liquid currency pairs and commodities. Our trading tools and analysis are designed to detect market patterns on these particular currency pairs/commodities; these patterns may be identified through a myriad of market indicators. Due to the relative stability of certain currency pairs over defined time periods, our methods identify when a pattern has been temporarily breached due to an increase in market volatility. Our strategy initiates long or, short trades on a currency pair during a pattern disruption and realizes profits when the pattern has been restored. The managers of Onikami Capital look for breakouts, pull backs and reversals in the Forex Market. Support and resistance levels are discretionally observed whilst also monitoring order flow to substantiate directional bias. Our time horizon on a particular trade may range up to 1 month.

Need help? Contact us at any time for free on-demand help, or assistance in building a customized and fully diversified Managed Forex Portfolio.

Seeing Over The Market's Horizon

Seeing Over The Market's Horizon


For the growing number of investors out there who are fed up with the lack of options, or who are getting tired of watching their investment accounts gather dust, we are happy to tell you, that the current investment landscape is not all doom and gloom anymore, and it is rapidly changing these days. Thus, there are some attractive options available now. Welcome Alternative Investing!

Simply put, this asset class is comprised of non-traditional investments. This can be chalk full of interesting and exciting options, many of which people are very passionate about such as fine wine, rare art, music, sports industries, technology, precious metals, gemstones, patents, stamps, start-ups, agriculture, even rare gun collections and exotic car collections. On the flip side, it can also include sophisticated and extremely complex financially engineered products such as derivatives, hedge fund strategies, private equity, leveraged real estate, and debt instrument trading.

The problem with this asset class is that unlike the traditional ones, there are so many options to choose from that investors get lost easily, or they simply do not have the experience or ability to gain access to the highest quality ones. This often leaves one with the feeling of “paralysis by analysis”.

Our unique program have been meticulously researched, analyzed and stress-tested, and have proven to shine in their ability to profit in virtually ANY economic environment. Time after time, the successful growth of this investment class in general has proven to thrive regardless of conditions such as a strong economy, low inflation, high interest rates, or a bloated or depressed stock market. While our fund are no panacea to endless profits, we strongly feel we obtain an even further edge by sticking to our key investment formula and always staying true to our Company’s Core Investment Strategy.

Here are a few reasons to justify why we feel Onikami Capital is one of the top FX Funds globally, a “must have” strategy in anyone’s portfolio, and also why we feel that chances are high that it has a healthy future ahead:

Price Action Based

The strategy is price-action based. No technical indicator (lagging) based methodologies are required here. Trading is less “market dependent” and instead is based on volumetric and price action data, leaving it much less susceptible to “black box” trading problems and periods of prolonged under-performance.

Constantly Improving

Onikami Capital is constantly evolving and improving (actively managed by quants) to ensure it always stays ahead of the curve and remains well-equipped to handle an ever-changing market. New versions, programs, and strategies are always being developed, tested, and strategically deployed to improve its risk:reward profile.

Small Market Footprint

No “hold and hopes” – EVER! Losses are manage diligently using a proprietary and innovative money management algorithm. Investors never have to sweat through gut-wrenching long term draw-downs ever again. This makes the journey just as pleasant as the destination for all.

Long-Term Strategy Focus

The core strategies focus on volatility breakouts, volume changes, and market momentum. While the markets are dynamic and always changing, all of these are conditions that always have, and always will occur in the financial markets to an almost certain degree. The strategy’s edge revolves around this concept.

The Right Team

The full team surrounding Onikami Capital are constantly growing, improving, and are forward thinking, positive, and are true professionals all aligned for undisputed success. This is important as there are no politics and ego’s at play (which is often a huge problem which plagues the financial industry).

Risk Adverse

The key to Onikami’s excellent risk-adjusted rates of return, are achieved via it’s risk management. Risk is continually being measured and managed on multiple different levels. It has a huge continuity plan, risk management protocol, and safety strategy built in at the foundation to mitigate against market threats.


Onikami’s proof is truly in the pudding! +10 years of back models + years of live, real money, and real market proof + survivability (it hasn’t just survived, it has THRIVED during this time) truly make Onikami Capital Fund the “rare white buffalo”. It is tough to argue with data and even tougher to compete with live verifiable proof!

Need help? Contact us at any time for free on-demand help, or assistance in building a customized and fully diversified Managed Forex Portfolio.

Exclusive Partner Program

Do you know investors who want to get involved and invest in the Foreign Exchange Market?


We here at Onikami Capital are firm believers in the true power of alliances!

For this reason, we have established a number of partnership programs through which certain persons or groups can potentially piggy back off of our resources, technology and reputation in the world of currency trading to advance their own business or further their revenues and income stream.

We have establish a proven, fast to market solution based on decades of combined management experience which means we can work with you to develop a scalable revenue stream that fits your business or personal goals in a short amount of time.

We have helped many motivated people begin to earn a substantial income through our strategic partnerships.

Below is a summary of the 2 general forms of partnerships we engage in, with more details of each further below.


Introducing Brokers / IB’s (referrals)

Our Introducing Broker program (or “IB program” as it is generally known as) is just a fancy word in the industry for a “Referral Program”. This program is geared towards those who may already have (or are looking to build) an existing network of colleagues, family, friends, or investors interested in investing in high quality Managed Forex Accounts.

Our IB Partnership is a very sought after program, and is generally viewed as one of the most desirable positions in the entire FX industry. We offer a very generous (well above average) profit share arrangement to our Introducers. This means that IBs do not need to incur the stress, time, liability, or complexity often involved in trading the markets themselves for their clients, they do not have to deal with any technical issues, the day to day trading systems, programmers, regulators, brokers etc etc…

In addition, there are no starting costs or ongoing expenses. IBs have the potential to earn a significant residual income simply by introducing investors to our premium Managed Forex Accounts.

We have noticed a trend in the industry whereby IB’s often run into obstacles and insecurities, as they do not have confidence in the products or investments they are working with. Many investments are focused on making “fast-money” and often take dangerous risks while doing so (without using start-of-the-art risk protection technology).

Since all of our programs are filtered to fall within our specific blueprint to directly mitigate against this, we do not run in to this problem and we and our IBs stand behind our programs with full confidence and pride. Furthermore, we use advanced risk protection technology so all investors and IBs can sleep easy knowing they and their clients will never, ever, lose a penny more than they define up front.

Currently upwards of 70% of our business comes by introduction, and we see IB’s as an integral part of our success model. We are in effect, “investing in our IBs” and will do all we can to help them succeed. Thus our IB program is our most popular form of partnership.

If you are interested in earning an ongoing residual income from introducing clients from your network to our Managed Forex Programs, please contact us and tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you see this program working for you.

Regional and Tied Agent Partnerships

This is a more involved form or partnership which involves opening your own branch of our company in your home country, jurisdiction, or general geo-location.This is a special program for those with deep roots in the industry or an investor network close to home.

Together we may use our name, platform, back office capabilities, compliance, risk management software, trading programs, regulatory umbrella, and reputation to offer our products in a transparent and mutually beneficial manner. If you feel a light bulb opportunity popping on here, get in touch with us quickly before it goes out!

"Risk management is the pillar of stability at the crossroads of opportunity."

Telmo Pinto, Founder & Fund Manager

Onikami Capital Cumulative Gross Returns

Since inception (in %)


Gross Monthly Performance Table of Returns (Since Inception)


1) There is a substantial risk of loss in trading commodity futures, equities, options and off-exchange foreign currency products and past performance is not indicative of future results. 2) Gross returns are live money trading results, based on equity (i.e. does take into account open positions), presented before deduction of any performance fees. 3) All analysis have been independently verified by the Advisor, a 3rd party CPA, or a social trading utility verification protocol (i.e. darwinex). 4) Gross returns are presented here from a single master account, and results may vary from brokerage to brokerage depending on where it is trading, the timing of participation, the fees being charged, and the use of any risk multipliers or notional funding applied to the account.


Minimum Investment: 10,000 (EUR, GBP, USD and AUD) 1
Hold Your Account In: EUR, GBP, USD and AUD
Fund Your Account By: Bank Wire, Neteller, Credit Card or UnionPay
Fees: 20% HWM monthly Performance Fee
Customizable Risk? Yes, user defined between 0.1x – 4x notional 2
Equity Protection? Yes. global account stop loss available 2

1 For Darwinex the minimum investment is 500 ( EUR, USD and GBP)
2 For Boutique Forex Managed Account Only

Need help? Contact us at any time for free on-demand help, or assistance in building a customized and fully diversified Managed Forex Portfolio.

Your Own Managed Account

The managed account structure is the best in the entire investment industry – period. Funds stay segregated in your own personal trading account at all times within your full control and with the option to close at any time with no lock in periods (i.e., your investment is always fully secure, in your sole control, and completely liquid). You can hold your funds in EUR, USD, GBP, or AUD so there is no need for costly conversions. Moreover you have the ability to customize your own risk level of Onikami Capital Fund, and set a firm global equity stop loss in your account so that you can invest stress-free.

Onikami Capital is one of the most consistently profitable and “sleep easy” risk-adverse FX Investment Fund available in the entire industry. Our online application takes less than 5 minutes! Make a smart decision and start your investment journey with Onikami Capital today.

In the foreign exchange market, we work relentlessly to uncover and capture new opportunities. Across a diverse range of investment strategies, we deploy our capital with the goal of generating industry leading investment results for our investors and capital partners.

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